Hold On – I’m Coming!

As most of you know, Luke has been on the brink of crawling for weeks now. This video chronicles that journey…(make sure your sound is Read More →

Luke is Crawling!

I think we can officially declare October 22nd as the day Luke crawled for the first time. We have it on video, but it will Read More →


Farmer Luke

Luke made his second trip to the pumpkin patch on Sunday, this time with Grandma G along for the ride. We’ll post some of those Read More →



I just caught Luke playing with his mobile instead of taking a nap. Looks like I’d better take it out of the crib before he Read More →


In My Opinion…

Here is Luke explaining his assessment of our struggling economy… and then listening thoughtfully as I responded.


Luke is 8 Months Today!

Luke is so comfortable in his chair now. It’s funny to think about how we used to struggle to get him to sit up and Read More →