Tropical Luke

Here’s Luke sporting the Hawaiian outfit that Sarah got for him during her trip to Singapore. She thought that he might like Hawaiian gear just Read More →



I was extremely surprised and delighted the other day when Luke spilled his milk, went and grabbed his blankie, and used it to wipe up Read More →


Day With Daddy

Luke and I spent the day together last Saturday while Mommy went to the Cubs game. Our power was out the entire day thanks to Read More →


The Sun!

We had a beautiful day yesterday, so we took Luke and Chase to the splash park. Luke was, once again, very imtimidated by the sprinklers, Read More →


Aunt Kimberly’s Graduation

We celebrated Kimberly’s graduation and Ben’s birthday last Sunday with a little get together on our patio. Congratulations Aunt Kimberly and Happy Birthday Ben! It Read More →


First Ice Cream Cone

Luke enjoyed his first ice cream cone from Dairy Queen this afternoon. We took a family trip to the local park, then headed over to Read More →


Playdate with Yani & Johan

Today we ventured down to the city for a playdate with a former co-worker of mine, Yani, and her son, Johan, who is a month Read More →


Bath Time with Grandma G

Grandma G is visiting us this weekend and helping out quite a bit with Luke (Lilly is doing her part too).



We hosted an awesome playdate today, although you won’t be able to tell from the pics! The boys all look mad! Denyse and Max Gigot Read More →


Two Toots

We had lunch today at a restaurant in downtown Glen Ellyn called Two Toots.  It’s a little family diner where they deliver your food on Read More →