The World Through Luke’s Eyes

In case you were wondering what would happen if Luke got hold of a camera and played photographer, here’s what it looks like…


Cheese Head

Cottage, that is… Amazing what can happen when you turn your head for a minute!


Summer Fun

Luke has been having so much fun this summer so far – hard to believe it’s already the middle of June. He loves blowing bubbles Read More →


Rain Out

We got rained out on our walk around the neighborhood this afternoon and Luke wasn’t too happy about it. And earlier in the day, we Read More →


Luke and His Three Balls

It's pretty rare to find Luke without a ball in his hands, but this is just ridiculous.


Dairy Farm Picnic

Sarah’s boyfriend Nate, who works on a dairy farm, invited us to their annual picnic. We had a wonderful time! It was an amazing set Read More →


Go Red Sox!

Just like Daddy, Luke has given up on the Cubs this year. Thanks for the shirt, KK!