Guess who?

Just came across a baby picture of myself… Maybe Weston will have some of Mommy’s features!


Brotherly Love

Luke is finally starting to warm up to Weston a little bit – he like to give him kisses and help put the binky in Read More →


2 Week Appointment

We had Weston’s 2 week appointment yesterday and he’s gained 12 oz! Looks like we’ve got another piglet on our hands. Everything looked great so Read More →


Fun with Goey and Aunt Kim

Lucas and Weston had a great time with Goey (Luke’s current pronunciation of Grandma) and Aunt Kim this past weekend. It’t s always hard to Read More →


A Tale of Two Bedtimes

Here is Luke during a normal bedtime routine, peacefully laying down on the bed while reading one of his favorite books: And here is Luke Read More →


Weston is 1 Week Old!

We had Weston’s 1 week appointment yesterday… He’s doing wonderfully! The doctor was so impressed that he not only regained the weight he lost in Read More →


Nana and Poppa Head Home

Nana and Poppa had to head home yesterday. We were all VERY sad to see them go (all of us in tears – LOL!). But Read More →