Our Model Son

Luke has gotten to be a good sport when it comes to having his picture taken. I think he actually enjoys posing now! What a Read More →


Life is tough when you’re 6 weeks old!

Poor Weston… All he wants to do is sleep while the rest of us are creating all kinds of ruckus around him. Life is tough!


Growing Up… and Out!

Weston is fitting much better into the outfit he wore home from the hospital. I swear he’s on a permanent growth spurt! And every day Read More →


Weston’s One Month Specs

We had to do the measurements ourselves since Weston doesn’t go back to the doctor for another couple of weeks… So based on our rough Read More →


Luke and the Lake

This was by far the most fun Luke has had at the Lake. He made himself right at home and had so much fun playing Read More →