Pumpkin Carving

We had a great time carving pumpkins today for Halloween. Well, actually MOMMY had a great time… Luke was more excited about “treats”, Weston slept Read More →



Nana found a pair of pajamas that Uncle Dave had worn when he was about Luke’s age. We put them on him last night… So Read More →


Fun with Goey and KK

Luke had so much fun with Goey in town last weekend! Here they are outside playing in the leaves with KK… Poor Goey got pummeled Read More →


Gourd Times…

We had a great time with Goey today at Kuiper’s Family Farm. It was Weston’s first and Luke’s third annual pilgrimage out to beautiful Maple Read More →

Weston just rolled over!

It took a LOT of effort – his head was over long before his body – but Weston just rolled over from his tummy to Read More →


Happy 3 Months to Weston

Believe it or not, Weston is 3 months old today! We weighed him in this morning at 14lbs. 2oz. and we think he’s about 24″ Read More →


Stuck at Home

Luke and I are finding ourselves stuck at home a little more now that Weston is consistently taking a morning nap that sometimes lasts 3 Read More →