First Sled Ride

Poppa took Luke for a ride on the sled that Santa brought him. It started out good and ended bad…. Ha! Hopefully we’ll be able Read More →


Daddy & Mommy

Terrible pic of Mommy but we rarely get pics with the boys, especially Luke!


Little Santa

Weston played Santa for us… The cutest Santa I’ve ever seen! Needless to say he got passed around to a lot of laps. Uncle Nate Read More →



Luke was thrilled to see more presents under the tree on Sunday for Russell Christmas. He loved opening up his own gifts and helping everyone Read More →


Christmas Eve Presents

We opened family presents on Christmas Eve and Luke and Wes made out like bandits. Luke especially loved the little laptop he received, and we’ll Read More →


Happy Little Reindeer

Goey surprised us all with reindeer antlers on Christmas Eve, so we thought we’d share with the world how ridiculous we all look. Let’s hope Read More →


Breakfast with Santa

It’s a Christmas Miracle! Luke actually sat on Santa’s lap without tears! He WANTED to do it. We were amazed. Of course the only time Read More →


Wild Things

Luke’s buddy Charlie came over the other day to play. What fun these two have together! It’s hilarious to watch them interact, especially as they Read More →