Weston has a tooth!

After weeks of intense drooling and bouts of fussiness Weston’s first tooth FINALLY busted through! Actually, the second one is so close to coming through Read More →

Play Time

Luke can’t resist getting down and playing with Weston on his mat. They look so cute lying there together. Weston really gets a kick out Read More →


Snow Day!

Luke and I had a blast playing in the snow today. We wanted to build a snowman but the snow was too powdery. So, I Read More →

Puff Daddy Weston

Yea! My first post with a video taken from our new flip video camera! Weston ate puffs for the first time yesterday and made some Read More →


Weston is 6 Months Old???!!!

Believe it or not, Weston has reached a huge milestone – half a year old! We are enjoying these “glory days” of babyhood where there Read More →


Jayhawk Fever

Now that the holidays are over, we are so thankful we have Jayhawk basketball to get us through these long winters. Weston and Luke are Read More →



Weston has discovered his toes and oh does he love to put them in his mouth! I’ve started leaving his socks off so he can Read More →


Brotherly Love

Luke and Weston are really starting to have fun together. While I was getting dressed this morning Luke ran downstairs and got some toys for Read More →