3 Year Pics of Luke

Unfortunately it’s terribly difficult to take pictures of Luke anymore as he never stops moving! I look forward to going outside again where I won’t Read More →


March Madness

Goey gave these outfits to the boys a couple weeks back. Who do you think is “calling the shots”? Luke? West? Luke? Wes?


Weston is 8 Months Today!

And what a little man he is becoming. He’s really starting to fill out his chair! He’s doing great sitting and has started rolling around Read More →


Poor Weston

He really takes a beating but he loves his brother nonetheless.    


Pee and Poop on the Toilet! Woo!

I am pleased, thrilled, ecstatic, and relieved (pun intended) to announce that Luke is officially potty trained! It was actually surprisingly easy. It took about Read More →