Weston 9 Month Photos

I call this my “in front of something” series. LOL! What a great model this little guy is! So much fun.


The Many Faces of Weston

Are you looking at me? Who is that? Do I know you? OK, I smell what you’re cookin’… …and it smells disgusting…


Easter Sunday

Weston enjoyed his first Easter and Luke enjoyed his first Easter egg hunt in our backyard today, as KK and GG came over for brunch. Read More →


Easter Fun

Luke dyed Easter eggs for the first time on Friday night. He really did a great job. He was very good about putting the egg Read More →


9 Month Check Up

Weston had his 9 month check up on Thursday. The doc kept saying “he’s so handsy”. I worry about his dating future! He’s doing great Read More →


Guess who is 9 months old???

Okay, I don’t know how Kevin and I ended up with such photogenic children but this child is ridiculously cute. I’m sorry, I know he’s Read More →