First Hair Cut

Weston had his first hair cut at Kid Snips yesterday. Of course he did great! Didn’t bat an eye! He looks so handsome with his Read More →


Pee Party

Sent from my iPadLuke was at it again today. Apparently going for a record distance. I love the way he's leaning into it.


Sitting up!

Just discovered Weston sitting up in his crib for the first time!


More Hutch

Weston spent most of the trip just looking adorable, as usual. He and Luke both got a kick out of the Hutch Zoo which was Read More →


Our Future Golfer

Luke spent most of his time during his visit to Hutch playing golf with his new clubs… But the highlight of the visit BY FAR Read More →


Wes Got a Pony!

Although he wasn’t too impressed to begin with… …he quickly warmed up to it…


Tipi’s and Ice Cream

We had a lot of fun in Omaha last week. Goey surprised Luke with a tipi (that we’ll be bringing to the cabin with us), Read More →